The compay

"There are daily objects that could become artistical places. In Bosetti Marella, the handle represents this "particular place".
It's a privileged object, not only a functional response, it represents, in its features, the estethical pleasure of a simple gesture."

1989 saw the birth of Bosetti Marella Srl, an industrial company, synonimous of the history of furniture handles and decoration in the latest 20 years.

Roberto Marella, the main protagonist of this story, "life", is the enthusiastic charter member who, thanks to his experience and commercial spirit, innovates, invests and believes in Research and Development as the main way to achieve the business success.

Today, for Roberto Marella, his company is a goal, as well as a starting point where passion and engagement play an important role.
A passion that Roberto has been able to pass to his sons, Daniele and Sergio, who decided to undertake, with their father, this important "Trip".

The company has today a consolidated leadership thanks to its innovation, investments in research and development, quality and customers attention.

Today, Bosetti Marella, is a real Group: with the headquarters in Roccafranca (Bs), there are five associate companies: Metal Group in Cerea (Verona), Sofrid Sarl in France , Classic Hardware in the United States, Arte Metal Style Poslka in Poland , Urfic in Argentina.
More than 6000 products and a 75% Export sales, let the company reach more than 90 countries all around the world.

In 2008, following the market development, the company went on and presented a new brand, Marella Design, with the new "Vintage" collection. An innovative contribution to the furniture industry; Bosetti Marella's wealth of experience guarantees continuity for new challenges. This is the sequel of a " Trip" to the discovery of contemporary style. The company wants to meet new needs and tastes entering new market segments with models having new design and finishes.

Today as yesterday, the company pursues the way of Research and Development, improving the product innovation, as well as the efficiency of production systems. The result is being competitive in an evolving and even more demanding market.


In Bosetti Marella, the centrality of Human Resourches, the strong relationship with the sorrounding area , the tradition and the environmental attention, represent important values in the culture of the company. The company makes constant quality controls during the production cycles, checking, not only the final products, but also the quality of row materials used for the production.