Bathroom furniture handles by Marella Design: where elegance meets functionality

In a space like the bathroom, where elegance and design must necessarily meet practicality and functionality, accessories and decorative elements become a non-negligible priority in furniture design. The bathroom furniture handles from Roberto Marella S.p.A. have been conceived and crafted with this perspective in mind. Our designers aim to embellish every furnishing element to create elegant, sophisticated, and impactful environments, without ever compromising the functionality of the furniture.


From modern to classic lines, the variety of our handles perfectly adapts to every style, ensuring the quality that only Made in Italy can offer.

Innovation and experimentation

The design of our bathroom cabinet handles and knobs is the result of a meticulous creative process, brought to life by the hands of qualified designers and the commitment to research and innovation of our Marella Design Lab. Here, innovation merges with tradition, giving life to innovative accessories, handles, and knobs, thanks to the experimentation with new materials and constantly updated production technologies. From the elegant minimalism of handles for modern bathroom furniture to the intricate details of knobs for bathrooms with a classic and traditional look, every element reflects our passion for beauty, without neglecting functionality. Our handles are not only refined and elegant but also mindful of the comfort and practicality that a space like the bathroom demands.

Quality and durability

The quality of the bathroom furniture handles by MARELLA DESIGN is also evident in the choice of materials and finishes. We carefully study the properties and characteristics of materials, choosing the best based on their intended use. In this way, we guarantee bathroom furniture handles and knobs that withstand the test of time, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the furniture over the years. Our finishes are designed to resist the humidity and daily wear typical of the bathroom environment. Whether it’s glossy or matte finishes, extra matt or metallic, chrome or colored, our handles for modern and classic bathroom furniture are designed to be not only visually appealing but also pleasant to the touch and easy to maintain.

Customizable and tailor-made bathroom furniture handles and knobs

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we understand how important it is to have customizable solutions in the design of furniture and furnishings. For this reason, we offer a wide range of options to produce bathroom furniture handles that can meet specific needs and personal tastes. Our team of designers is always available to provide advice and assistance in the custom creation of handles and knobs for furniture that can contribute to the design of bathrooms in line with every style requirement.

Visit our website to discover our catalog, let yourself be inspired by the beauty and quality of Made in Italy, and find the ideal handle for your bathroom furniture.

Transform every bathroom space into an oasis of style and comfort, thanks to the quality of the details from Roberto Marella S.p.A.