Furniture keys

Roberto Marella SPA furniture keys: a detail that embellishes

Roberto Marella’s furniture keys are that detail that can make a difference, embellishing your furniture, giving a refined and sophisticated touch to wardrobes, desks, and drawers. Designed to be used in both modern and rustic environments, our furniture keys adapt to every style, with more refined or more classic lines depending on the needs.

For over 20 years, Roberto Marella has worked in the interior design decoration sector: our keys, as well as furniture handles and all other products in our catalog, ensure attention to detail, high quality materials, and finishes carefully chosen for 100% Made in Italy production.

Design furniture keys, born from a process of research and innovation

Our company strongly believes in design as the beating heart and differentiating element of a product. For this reason, we collaborate with creative talents, developing cutting-edge and innovative projects, trying to follow and anticipate fashions and trends.

This process also concerns our furniture keys: the imagination of the designers turns into innovative ideas that, thanks to our cutting-edge production cycle, materialize into keys that are both functional and decorative.

The different types of Roberto Marella furniture keys

Roberto Marella’s keys adapt to antique and modern furniture, drawers, cabinets, desks, sideboards, and other furniture in wood, metal, and other materials.

Our designs differentiate:

  • The head or handle, the part that is held to turn the key in the lock. It can have more refined and decorative designs or more classic and rustic ones.
  • The shank, the long and thin part of the key that connects the head to the active part, the blade or paddle. It is designed to fit the lock and to be inserted correctly and can have different sizes.

In our catalog, there are furniture keys of various sizes, in Zamak and brass.

Classic and modern finishes for all keys

Roberto Marella SPA offers a wide range of finishing options for its furniture keys. Our catalog boasts over 100 exclusive colors, many of which are made with cutting-edge eco-friendly paints.

Our finishes for keys adapt to antique and modern furniture, ensuring a coordinated and aesthetically pleasing set. The possibilities for customization are numerous: we are able to create finishes to best meet the specific needs of our customers.

Let yourself be captivated by the quality and refined Italian design that characterize our universal furniture keys and all the products in our catalog.