Furniture knobs

Marella Design furniture knobs: the perfect blend of functionality and style

Furniture knobs are small details that make a difference. If chosen carefully, they not only enhance the functionality of a piece of furniture but also contribute to the final aesthetic result. The assortment from Roberto Marella S.p.A. offers high-quality design knobs for furniture in various shapes and materials, catering to the needs of different environments and styles.

For over 20 years, our company has been operating in the world of decorations in the interior design sector, and all the furniture knobs in our catalog are the result of careful research and development. We meticulously select materials and finishes to create functional projects that are also attentive to design and aesthetics. Our production is 100% Made in Italy.

Design knobs for furniture of every style

We believe that design is a crucial element in the design of a piece of furniture: it gives personality and helps to differentiate in the market. For this reason, we offer design knobs for furniture of every style, constantly updating the catalog with the aim of anticipating fashions and trends and adapting production to the latest trends in the furniture sector.

Our knobs fit modern and classic-contemporary designs and are perfect in both minimalist environments and more sophisticated and complex moods. For those who desire the utmost in terms of style and functionality, our elite-luxury line represents the pinnacle of research and quality.

Excellent finishes for every need

Our furniture knobs combine functional design with finishes that give them a refined appearance. The choice, in this case, too, is vast: Roberto Marella SPA offers a wide range of finishes, from the most classic and rustic, obtained through antiquing processes, to modern frame galvanic finishes. Bronzed, golden, vintage, industrial, or material: the effects that knobs can take on are numerous.

Our catalog features over 100 different colors, many of which have been developed using eco-friendly paints. As manufacturers, we are able to meet all customer requests for their brass furniture knobs, ceramic knobs, steel knobs, even the most specific ones: we also create customized finishes.