Sustainability is value

The strong connection with the territory, tradition, and environmental orientation are indispensable values ​​in the corporate culture of Roberto Marella S.p.A. The Company is constantly committed to preserving and enhancing the territory in which it operates, respecting its traditions, and adopting sustainable practices to reduce its environmental impact.

At Roberto Marella S.p.A., sustainability is not just an environmental practice but represents a true corporate value that permeates all activities and relationships with various stakeholders, whether they are customers, suppliers, or consumers.

Why we are sustainable

To achieve this goal, the Company continually introduces resources and methods aimed at improving the environmental efficiency of its operations. This may include the adoption of low-impact environmental technologies, optimization of production processes to reduce waste of natural resources, use of recyclable or low-impact materials, and implementation of waste management policies aimed at recycling and reuse. Achieving ISO 14001 environmental certification is an important recognition of Roberto Marella S.p.A.’s strong commitment to environmental sustainability. This certification confirms that the Company has implemented an effective environmental management system that complies with rigorous international standards.


With this new purification plant, approximately 45% of the water is recovered and reprocessed.


Air emission filtration system.


Use of water-based paints.


Reutilization of waste from production phases.


Installation of a photovoltaic plant.


All packaging has been reduced to minimize environmental impact. All packaging comes from recycled and recyclable products.

Water-based paints

The adoption of water-based paints for the production of our products is a tangible testament to the company’s commitment to environmental respect. Water-based paints represent a valid and ecological alternative as they significantly reduce environmental emissions, thus improving air quality.

This approach not only improves the working conditions of employees who are less exposed to harmful chemicals but also offers high-quality performance and excellent aesthetic results.

Eco-sustainable packaging

The adoption of eco-sustainable packaging by Roberto Marella S.p.A. represents a further commitment to reducing environmental impact in its production process. The use of recycled paper or plastic for packaging helps reduce waste and promotes the circular economy, allowing better management of waste that is reused at the end of its life cycle.