Furniture decorations

Roberto Marella production of furniture decorations: unique and precious details

For over 20 years, Roberto Marella SPA has been involved in the production of furniture decorations, including handles and knobs, ensuring quality and attention to detail.

Furniture decorations are ornaments and additional details added to furniture such as tables, dressers, and wardrobes to enhance their aesthetic appearance or add a touch of style or personality. For this reason, we pay attention to every detail. The creativity of our designers is transformed into 100% Made in Italy products thanks to our cutting-edge production cycle. The result is precious decorations that make each piece of furniture unique.

In our company, we strongly believe that design qualifies a product, characterizes it, and differentiates it. For this reason, we collaborate with creative designers on projects that follow current trends and constantly work to anticipate fashions and trends.

Our decorations follow the style of the furniture, becoming an ornament and contributing to creating the mood of every type of environment.

The different types of Roberto Marella furniture decorations

Roberto Marella decorations embellish both antique and modern furniture, especially in wood. Classic-style carved decorations give a more vintage and refined look, while modern and minimalist decorations add a contemporary touch.

Our catalog includes furniture decorations of various shapes and sizes, using metals such as bronze, iron, and brass:

  • Decorative capitals with simple or ornate lines for furniture, for example, dressers and tables;
  • Feet for furniture such as tables, desks, dressers;
  • Ornamental friezes, including rosettes and carvings in classic style.

Classic and modern finishes for decorations

Furniture decorations, like other Roberto Marella SPA products, are enriched through special finishes. Our catalog offers over 100 colors to choose from, with a focus on the environment with many eco-friendly options. It is possible to opt for classic and rustic finishes, obtained through antiquing processes. Moreover, we are able to meet specific requests through the creation of customized finishes, thus ensuring unique decorations in line with the style of the furniture.