Furniture handles

Marella Design furniture handles: seeking the perfect combination of functionality and style

Furniture handles are not just a simple ornament. They are fundamental elements in the design of furniture and interiors, which can significantly influence the appearance and functionality of a piece of furniture. Designed to meet the needs of different environments and styles, Roberto Marella S.p.A.’s furniture handles are a guarantee of quality, attention to detail, and established tradition.

Our company has been working for over 20 years in the world of handles and decorations in the interior design sector. Our catalog offers a wide range of furniture handles, the result of careful research and development, starting from the accurate selection of materials and finishes, through the realization of projects that combine functionality and aesthetic taste, and ending in 100% Made in Italy production.

Designer furniture handles for every style

At Roberto Marella SPA, we firmly believe that design qualifies the soul of a product and becomes an essential element to differentiate in the market. Furniture handles are no exception. In this section, you will find a wide range of designer furniture handles. We constantly update our proposal to anticipate fashions and trends and adapt the production of our handles to the latest trends for every furnishing style.

In our catalog, modern and classic-contemporary lines meet, offering perfect solutions for every environment, from the most minimalist to the most sophisticated. The elite-luxury offer, on the other hand, represents the pinnacle of design and quality, for those looking for the best in terms of style and functionality.

Modular handles and other types of furniture handles

In our catalog, you will find furniture handles of every type, made of different materials and shapes to meet the style and taste needs of every customer:

  • Fixed Bridge handles
  • Integrated handles
  • Modular bridge handles in aluminum
  • Modular integrated handles in aluminum
  • Shell handles
  • Articulated handles

In recent months we have particularly focused on modular handles, both bridge and integrated. These are modular aluminum handles, available in new metallic and extra matt finishes, which follow the latest interior design trends and become a true furnishing element.

Excellent finishes for every need

In the world of furniture handles, the finish is a key element that determines the appearance and final touch of each product. Roberto Marella S.p.A. has made versatility one of its main features, offering a wide range of finishes ranging from the most classic and rustic, obtained through antiquing processes, to modern frame galvanic finishes as well as extra-Matt painted, metallic finishes, made with water-based paints. And that’s not all: our offer is enriched with customized finishes to meet the most specific requests of our customers.

Today, our catalog boasts over 100 different colors, many of which have been developed using eco-friendly paints. Whether you are looking for wrought iron, brass, steel, or aluminum furniture handles, our range of finishes guarantees the perfect solution for every style and need.

Discover the entire catalog of furniture handles and all our accessories. Let yourself be inspired by the quality and design of Made in Italy.

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