Furniture escutcheons

Roberto Marella spa furniture escutcheons: the details that make the difference

Decorative elements to be installed around the locks of drawers, sideboards, and wardrobes, escutcheons are essential in giving personality to a piece of furniture. In interior design, indeed, it’s the details that make the difference. At Roberto Marella SPA, active in the decoration sector for furniture for more than twenty years, we are firmly convinced of this: we produce furniture escutcheons that confer an artistic and creative taste to furnishing elements.

Our production, 100% Made in Italy, ensures high quality, attention to detail, materials, and finishes.

Design escutcheons for antique and modern furniture

We strongly believe in the role of design as a decorative and differentiating element of a product. The creative talents of our company devise innovative projects, following and anticipating industry trends. Thanks to our designers, Roberto Marella escutcheons are a statement of style and elegance.

Designed to add a touch of style and personality to every furnishing element, our furniture escutcheons aim to meet different needs: more modern and minimalist lines are added to more traditional and ornate styles for products suitable for every environment.

The different types of Roberto Marella furniture escutcheons

Roberto Marella escutcheons are easy to install around the lock of any piece of furniture and perfectly match our keys.

They are produced in various shapes and sizes:

  • Modern furniture escutcheons, with a minimalist design;
  • Geometrically shaped escutcheons (round, oval, diamond);
  • Bar-shaped, rectangular escutcheons, with a clean and modern appearance;
  • Decorative escutcheons, with floral details, wavy lines, special shapes.

Furniture escutcheons with excellent and varied finishes

Finishes define the aesthetics and final style of any furnishing accessory. The Roberto Marella catalog includes over 100 exclusive colors for furniture escutcheons, many made with eco-friendly paints.

The range of finishes is wide: from classic and rustic ones obtained with antiquing processes to contemporary ones. We are able to customize finishes to meet specific needs. The finishes lead to various effects: bronzed, golden, silvered, vintage, industrial, material.
Discover our furniture escutcheons and all the products in the Roberto Marella SPA catalog: let yourself be fascinated by their quality and refined design!