Cabinet profiles for glass doors

Marella Design cabinet profiles: aesthetics meets functionality

Cabinet door profiles enhance the aesthetics and functionality of cabinet doors. They protect the corners from wear and tear and can also be designed to facilitate the opening and closing of the doors. Aesthetically, they add decorative details and cover raw edges, providing a clean and uniform finish and giving a more refined look to the furniture. At Roberto Marella SPA, active for over 20 years in the interior design decoration sector, we produce profiles for wardrobe doors, dressers, sideboards, and other furniture suitable for kitchens, living rooms, as well as bathrooms or bedrooms. For each product, we carefully choose materials and finishes and pay the utmost attention to every detail. The result of our research and development is 100% Made in Italy cabinet profiles of the highest quality.

A brand new innovation from Marella: aluminium profiles for glass cabinet doors

To meet market needs and satisfy the requests of all our customers, Marella S.p.A. has created a new line of aluminium profiles for glass cabinet doors, modular and customizable according to needs, or available in three-meter bars.
The new kitchen cabinet door profiles from Marella S.p.A. are available in metallic finishes, durable and trendy. They have a sophisticated design and aim to stand out in the market for high quality and ease of application. The final result is elegant and minimal, perfect for sophisticated contemporary environments.

In our cabinet door profiles, design is the central element

Every project of ours starts with design: from the imagination of the creative talents we collaborate with, innovative designs are born, capable of differentiating a piece of furniture and making it unique. In the Roberto Marella SPA catalog, you will find numerous models of cabinet door profiles. We constantly work to innovate our proposals, to anticipate fashions and trends and adapt the production of each of our products, from profiles to furniture handles to shelf supports, to the latest trends for every furnishing style. We diversify our projects with the aim of satisfying all the needs of a varied clientele. From modern and minimalist lines to more classic and decorated styles, we offer solutions for all tastes.
Roberto Marella S.p.A. produces aluminium profiles, available in different shapes and sizes to fit a wide range of furniture styles and customizable according to the specific requirements of the furnishing project.

Excellent finishes

The aluminium profiles for wardrobe doors and other furniture from Roberto Marella S.p.A. are embellished with painted and anodized finishes. In particular, we recommend using metallic finishes for the profiles, which, in addition to being in line with current trends, offer the great advantage of durability.
Discover all our profiles for cabinet doors and other Roberto Marella S.p.A. products for interior design: let yourself be captivated by their quality and sophisticated design!