Coat wall hooks

Marella Design coat wall hook production: where functionality meets style

Coat hooks and wall hooks are the ideal accessories for hanging jackets, clothes, and bags, offering a refreshing sense of order and well-being to entryways, walk-in closets, bathrooms, and bedrooms. For over 20 years, Roberto Marella S.p.A. has been working in the interior decoration field, including the production of coat hooks and wall hooks, ensuring quality and attention to detail.

Our products are 100% Made in Italy and represent the result of constant research and innovation, including a careful selection of materials and finishes, designs conceived by creative minds, and a cutting-edge production cycle.

Designer coat hooks

Roberto Marella SPA strongly believes in design as an element that qualifies the soul of a product. For coat hooks and wall hooks, as well as for all other catalog products, our company collaborates with creative talents to devise functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions with modern and classic-contemporary designs that adapt to minimalist and/or sophisticated environments.

The different types of coat wall hooks

The wall-mounted coat hook is a versatile element, installable in all environments: entrances, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms. Roberto Marella’s coat hooks, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful, are easy to mount and remain firmly attached to the wall. They are not bulky: they provide a useful and decorative addition without taking up too much space. Our catalog includes various types of wall coat hooks, in different shapes, sizes, and materials:

  • Single hooks: mounted directly on the wall and designed to hang a single item of clothing.
  • Multiple hooks: feature more arms or appendages and are ideal for hanging multiple items of clothing or accessories.
  • Swivel hooks: feature elements that can rotate, to adjust their position or for a decorative effect.

Wall hooks with excellent finishes, also customizable

The aesthetics of wall coat hooks are enriched with finishes: Roberto Marella offers a wide range of finishes of over 100 different colors, many of which have been developed using eco-friendly paints.

Our catalog includes classic and rustic finishes, obtained through antiquing processes, and more modern ones, from extra matt painted to metallic, up to frame galvanic finishes. Marella S.p.A. aims to make the coat hook a true design object that enriches home environments. For this reason, we have recently focused particularly on the research and realization of painted, Extra Matt, and metallic finishes, playing with colors and the latest interior design trends. We meet specific requests with the production of customized finishes. The effects that are obtained are numerous: bronzed, golden, and silvered, from industrial to vintage, from the cool, elegant, and modern trend, to the silk effect, with a silky and very pleasant touch.

Discover our proposals for wall coat hooks and all our other products: let yourself be captivated by the quality and design Made in Italy.