Research and Development

Talent, imagination, and innovation that lead to winning products

Roberto Marella S.p.A. adopts a policy of constant Research and Development, focused on stylistic and design research as well as technological research, with the primary goal of innovating both the functionality and design of a product. We strongly believe that design qualifies the soul of a product and becomes a fundamental tool for differentiation and competition.


This department plays a fundamental role in the innovation process, as it interprets market trends and customer expectations, guiding and directing the work of designers towards solutions that effectively meet the demands of the public. The use of innovative technologies and machinery allows for the rapid and precise development of prototypes and customized items, fully satisfying customer demands while maintaining maximum confidentiality. Innovative machinery and facilities capable of producing prototypes and developing customized items enable us to respond promptly to customer requests, maintaining the utmost discretion and creating a true partnership. The uniqueness of this structure lies in the integration of Design and Technology, which combine to generate new ideas.


When we create a new product, we always emphasize the creation of value for our customers. Our attention to quality far exceeds the aesthetic and functional aspects: we aim to produce quality from the early stages of the process, rather than simply testing it at the end.

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