Our designers

Our designers

We firmly believe that design qualifies the soul of a product, becoming a key instrument for differentiation. Design isn’t just about the outward appearance, but also about functionality; a well-thought-out product enhances its usability, making it easier and more intuitive for the end user.


A product with a unique and innovative design can capture consumers’ attention and create a distinctive position in the market. Design contributes to the creation of a brand’s identity, helping consumers easily identify the values and quality of the product. The choice to collaborate with external designers is a valuable opportunity to introduce new perspectives and innovative approaches. It mostly arises from the desire to enlist industry professionals tasked with bringing new ideas and approaches to the table, without being influenced by the Company culture. This allows the Company to collaborate with creative talent and build projects together that follow current fashion and trends, thus meeting market needs.


Marco Bortolin, an Italian designer born in 1969. In 1995, his innate entrepreneurial spirit led him to found Oecus Design, an industrial design studio specializing in interior design and furniture. For twenty years, the studio has been serving clients in Italy and abroad, offering personalized and innovative services aimed at creating spaces that enhance every piece of furniture. The extraordinary relationship with Marco has led to the continuous growth of our collaboration over the years, to the point where we can now consider him an artistic director who produces cutting-edge design products for us, always in line with market demands. His artistic sensitivity and the excellence of Made in Italy emerge in his work, symbolizing Quality, Research, Innovation, and originality.


“Curiosity forms the basis of understanding. It is therefore essential to see people as users. We must seek to understand their values, cultural backgrounds, and demands as future technological possibilities and also connect all of these aspects. With this understanding, I passionately aspire to develop concepts and to implement them by creating fascinating products that meet emotional as well as functional requirements.”


Studio Balutto, an ever moving, creative lab and production workshop. Adriano Balutto is the founder and has been appointed as “Designer of Bestseller” several times; For some years, the new presence of the Architect Veronica Balutto, conveyed a new creative contribution. The Balutto atelier activity has been awarded several times with prestigious international identification.


Was born in Brianza in 1968, after the diploma, attended the SPD in Milan following the Master in Industrial Design. The companies with which it collaborates or has collaborated are: Axil, Bross, Di Liddo & Perego, Emmemobili, I Carraro, Linfa, Nespoli - Consonni, Salcon imbottiti, Servetto, Pamar, YDF, thrre. The Cubik collection designed for Di Liddo & Perego won the “Special Award Tiziana Mascheroni” within the Yung & Design 2005 contest creativity.


“In a period, increasingly competitive in the research, but flattened in the style, I try to bring my projects to the roots of our culture. My goal is to satisfy a need, taking into consideration the research of beauty, harmony and aesthetics, combined with the functionality and usefulness of products. Thanks to our artistic culture placed at the apex of the world, We are genetically owners of charm and elegance: The ability to look back, for going on, is, in my opinion, the extra edge leading to new avenues of pure creativity.”


Attention to detail, knowledge of history and tradition, as well as a great passion for the handle, as an object, are all elements that distinguish the projects of the natural artist. Art, functionality, brilliant ideas that evolve into refined and unique design and furnishing objects. A passion that has become a real baggage, a collection of the past revisited for contemporary art. All this and more is our friend Michieletti.


“In a world where everything changes and flows quickly, the details make the difference. For this reason, the research of new lines and original elements, which are also harmony and trend, represent the challenge and an immense pleasure. These elements push me to sketch and do continuous research in this sector. Even the handle marks and imprints the passage of the past”.

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